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Hi there... Thank you for visiting my tumblr page..:)) submit your blog or posts here for free!!! ----->>> BLOGUP! I'm a good girl haha (kidding) I love lots of stuffs like:
  • photographs
  • taking photosthough I don't have my own cam (I wish I could on my 18th bday:))
  • I love chocolates
  • I love to doodle but never finished one.. XD
  • I also love doingtypos
  • at Muzy.com(TokTokTots) Search at the bottom for the link :)
  • I lovemusic, my guitar, drums...
  • I love everything... everything that is GOOD to GOD! :)
  • I loveLogan Lerman/Percy Jackson and Jake Gyllenhaal
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  • - this is all about the ONE DIRECTION and ZAYN MALIK! <3
  • angsarapngfeeling
  • is about love, the SWEETNESS (and bitterness) of it. Hey I'm a PROUD FILIPINO TOO!!! YEY! I'm ||18 na pala nung MARCH 20|| haha My tags:
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